Water Supply Deptt

Water Department


Sl. No Name of the Service Rate Remarks
1 House Connection application Form 10.00

2 Aggeement Form for House Connection 25.00

3 Ferrule Cleaning 15.00

Road Demarage (Only for New connection / change or
shiftting of Ferrule)

a Cutting charge kacha Road 200.00 Rate of Road Damarage charge will be fixed considering
current P.W. Schedule
b Single Soling Road Side 450.00
c Opposite Side 650.00
d Double soling 750.00
e Double Soling Opposite 1050.00
f Jhama Road Side with Black Top 1050.00
g Jhama Opposite Side with Black Top 1600.00
h On MB Road Side 1550.00
i On MB Road Opposite side 2700.00
j Brick on edge pravement side 100.00
k Brick on edge pravement Opposite side 700.00
4 Royalty Money (Non refundable)

a Valuation Upto Rs. 1000 = 1/4″ Dia 1200.00

b Valuation Upto Rs. 1001 to 2500= 3/8″ Dia 2700.00

c Valuation Upto Rs. 2501 & above= 1/2″ Dia

5 Cost of Ferrule as per Purchase Rate

6 Water Service Charge

a 1/4″ Dia Per Month 15.00

b 3/8″ Dia Per Month 25.00

c 1/2″ Dia Per Month 25.00

*Subject to Revision as per decision of the Authority